Our mission is to Reconcile Angelinos to God, Nurture them in discipleship to Jesus Christ, and Mobilize them for ministry and missions in the power of the Holy Spirit.


We have 12  characteristics that make us unique.

There are 5Ms: We are Mediators for Christ, Multi-ethnic, Multi-socioeconomic, Missional & Multiplicational.

There are also 7Gs: Gospel - Live God's story,
Gather - Belong to God's tribe, Grow - Become Like God's Son, Give - Model God's generosity, Go - Accomplish God's Mission, Glocality - Advance God's Kingdom, Glory - Inspired by the glory of God alone.


VISION 195: We envision a world where there is one Reconcile disciple-making, church planting church in the 195 countries that comprise the United Nations.